Roy Laughlin

Legendary Broadcaster, Los Angeles

"Immediately additive to growing the morning show"

The Aircheck Coaching Session with Tracy was immediately additive to growing the morning show. Creating Ratings in morning drive radio is a unique and specific skill set that Tracy undoubtedly has! This online system is easy and cost efficient


  • Under-Coached Radio Personalilties

    Air talent is simply not getting enough feedback, critique or input into their performance. Everyone needs direction, and most radio stations aren't able to provide it. Don't wait for it to happen. Take charge of your future and get the advice you need to thrive. How long has it been since you've been coached?

  • Over-Worked Program Directors

    With the demands on programmers and managers in today's ultra-competitive radio environment, few have time to invest in air personality development. Yet it's one of the most important aspects of winning radio today. We work with your talent and keep you involved through every step of the process.

  • Forward-Thinking Managers

    Radio's future is in the hands of unique air talent that commands attention and leads a community of fans. Smart managers realize that this is the only way to compete in today's fast-changing world. Now is the time to invest in developing air personalities that can bullet proof your station, company and future.

  • Talent That Wants That Next Gig

    It's hard to stand out in a crowded market. Your demo package has to be right on target. Let us help. We know what PD's are looking for and can coach you to produce an air check and audition package that will get attention and put you in position to get that job you always wanted. 

Don Rau

Air Personality

"This service is a great value!"

“Andy Meadows and the TJMG team conduct a great Air Check Coaching Session.   I was impressed with how thorough Andy was in reviewing my materials, and how thoughtful his comments were. The feedback was constructive and positive. The presentation was tailored to my goals and gave me great stuff to take my air check, and career, to the next level. Andy is a true pro, and he gave great advice about what PD’s are looking for in their next talent hire. The service is a great value for anyone looking to get that next gig and improve their skills.”


As Easy As 1-2-3

  • Click the box below to set up a convenient time for your one-hour session with the TJMG coach of your choice. Choose from any available dates, at least 7 days from today.

  • Make your payment using any major credit card using our secure online process. If you have a Coupon Code, be sure to enter it at Check Out.

  • Check your email box for confirmation from your Talent Coach, with details on where to send your audio.

One hour custom sessions: $499

Educational, non-commercial & group discounts available

Margo Marano

Air Personality

Highly recommended!

 I highly recommend a coaching session for anyone who is embarking on a serious job search. Andy's help was invaluable. I am now able to focus on what is good about my air check, resume and social media presence and know where I hav room to improve. Thank you so much! I’m very grateful for your time and expertise ​



Each Air Check Coaching Session Includes:


In-Depth Analysis

Your coach listens to and evaluates your audio, with a critique of strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth. 


Private Phone Session

Discuss the air check in a personal one-hour conversation with your coach. There's plenty of time for questions and answers.


Road Map For Success

Your coach will provide specific recommendations, followed by a full written report. It's a clear path to improving your performance.


Next Steps For Growth

We don't leave you on your own. You'll get specific next steps advice to grow your skills, performance and career.

Karen "Duckie" Massey

Air Personality

"Over the moon" about this service

Appreciative of your time, review of my air check and resume would be an understatement. Over the moon would be more like it. If you were my boss I would look forward to air check critiques. It was so informative. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.​



An experienced Operations Manager, Programmer and Air Personality, Andy has a unique skill for coaching and critiquing air personalities at all levels.


His sessions are direct and honest, combined with empathy of being a terrific air personality himself.


You'll come away with practical, next step advice to put into action immediately.

$499 per session


A veteran programmer specializing in both strategic and tactical coaching, Mike helps personalities discover their voice while learning to get more from their personality through precise execution.


Mixing his legendary programming discipline with a thorough understanding of the creative process, Mike's sessions tur talent loose on a mission for reaching the next stage in their career.

$499 per session


Recognized as one of the world's best talent coaches and programming consultants, Tracy has helped hundreds of stations and thousands of personalities get the most from their ability.


Sessions are focused on mastering the basics of great radio performance while tapping creative potential. Each personality will be stretched and inspired to reach higher than ever before.

$999 per session

One-hour Air Check Sessions are perfect for under-coached personalities, over-worked programmers and forward thinking managers.

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